• Website Setup

    I need a website, where do I start?

    Web Crawl Designs can set up your website for you.
    Things to consider are:

    • You will need a domain address – www address to your website.
    • You will need hosting  – for your website files and database. *Backup and security are very important when considering hosting packages.

  • Website Design

    The are many important things to consider when designing and starting from scratch:

    • Content organization – it is helpful to  group the information you want to be on your site.
    • Design – it is recommended that you surf the web and come up with a few sites that you like.  This helps establish your style and preferences.
    • Colour Scheme – if you know what you want, it makes our job easier. We can offer a few mock ups as we understand, sometimes you DON’T KNOW WHAT YOU WANT, UNTIL YOU SEE IT!
    • Functionality – what you want your site to be able to do? – For example some common functionality are; image galleries, forms, shopping carts, zooming into images, lightboxes etc…
    • Compatibility – it is very important that proper image and document formats display on websites. It is also important that your website views correctly and in all (up-to-date) browsers.

  • Website Makeovers

    Is your website working for you? If not, contact us and we can go over any concerns.

    We have worked with clients and converted existing sites that owners/employees can’t update themselves to fully editable content management solutions. This is an option for any website.

  • Website Support
    • We offer documentation so you can edit your own site.
    • We offer monthly plans where we maintain your website.

  • Technical Recommendations

    We can offer recommend solutions for website challenges or “wants”.

    Contact us today, to discuss further.

  • Graphic Design

    We work with graphic creation and editing on every project.

    It is important for any company to:

    • Have a company logo, in some cases tagline and practice proper branding.
    • Showcase images at an optimal size but still an excellent quality.
    • Ensure website have a consistent uniform feel.
    • Display proper branding on all businesses related social media sites.